Dylan Thomas 

Dylan is a proud and vocal queer transgender activist, artist, author, motivational speaker, bodybuilder, entertainer, creative marketing strategist and media publisher.


In January of 2019, Dylan began a social media therapy exercise that would result in a successful business venture. For 32 years of his life, Dylan avoided mirrors and having his photo taken as much as possible. He hated how he looked and it took a significant toll on his overall well-being. He began his physical transition in January of 2016. After the end of his seven year relationship he knew there would be either one of two ways to go, down a very dark road or all the way to the top. Depressed but determined to thrive versus simply survive he began a self workout regimen that resulted in him losing over 65 pounds.


In January of 2019, as a natural introvert he decided to lean further into the discomfort to expand upon his personal development. He built an Instagram account as a therapeutic test to become more comfortable with his personal appearance and to seek out connections with others like himself.


As he became more comfortable in his body, he decided to apply his professional marketing skills to create his own personal brand. He targeted followers and decided to reach out to brands that resonated with him and his community. In a little over a year, he successfully developed an LGBTQIA Instagram audience of thousands, located in countries throughout the world in addition to cultivating strategic partnerships and affiliations with a number of well-known brands.


As a transgender man Dylan believes there is a market for everyone. He is a firm believer that when one transgender, gender non-conforming and/or non-binary community member does well, it helps the community collectively move the needle forward increaing positive visibility, awareness, opportunities and respect.


As an activist Dylan is most proud of his volunteer work with the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Trans* Lounge program where he has taught economic empowerment courses and using his voice and platforms to speak out for sex workers’ rights.


As a marketing professional Dylan has proudly managed and created social media content some of the world’s largest entertainment accounts. He has also had a client featured by Apple. Millions have unknowingly viewed Dylan’s work. 


Dylan is a proud recipient of the 2020 Soze Foundation’s Artist + Activist Relief Fund Grant. As an digital artist he has exhibited at multiple group shows in Los Angeles.


Dylan holds his A.S. degree in video production, a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion as well as a certificate from Harvardx in Technology Entrepreneurship. Dylan is habitually in the pursuit of knowledge and personal development. When he’s not working, he enjoys writing, volunteering, creating digital content, bodybuilding, creating digital art and having great sex.