Transgender Activist Rose Montoya Calls on TikTok to Work With the Transgender Community to Actively Prioritize Safety, Diversity, Inclusion, Authenticity and Empower Diverse Voices

For those of you who may not be aware, TikTok has changed their community guidelines as of December 15th, 2020. The platform has since begun a sweep of deleting and deactivating creator profiles, leaving many LGBTQIA creators caught in the cross-fire.

TikTok wrongfully deleted my account with 300K+ followers.” popular transgender influencer and activist Rosalynne “Rose” Montoya remarked. Well-known for her open and authentic social media presence, Montoya is highly regarded in the LGBTQIA community for utilizing her voice and online platforms to educate the public on her experience as a transgender person.

“I share my story, my transition, my surgeries, etc. I also invite my sister who is Deaf to help me teach people ASL. I recently started a series on TikTok about trans history after receiving a hate comment stating that being trans is just a new trendy thing, when in fact we have always existed. I often respond to hate comments with humor and education. I strive to live by the words: kill them with kindness. Working as an educator can be difficult, but it’s important and fulfilling as well. I receive thousands of messages from people thanking me for the work I do, for inspiring them, and even for changing their minds.”

LISTEN TO ROSES’ STORY: “TikTok Deleted My Account Because I’m a Latina Trans Woman”

Update as of December 16th, 2020: “We did it! (Kind of). I got my TikTok account back! I still haven’t heard back from TikTok though. I’m not done fighting. I want to change how the community guidelines function as they are currently being used to target and attack marginalized peoples. This must end. Sign my petition in my bio

My goal now: gather other people’s stories and share them on the petition. I also want to sit down one on one with TikTok executive and discuss how they can help make their app truly ‘prioritize safety, diversity, inclusion, and authenticity,’ as stated in their community guidelines.”Rose Montoya

As members of the transgender community, looks forward to seeing TikTok learning from this experience and actively working to partner community activists on an ongoing basis.